Help Finding Housing

Navigating the system for government-assisted housing can be confusing.  Our case managers do whatever it takes to help guide families through this.

Who manages the housing assistance program?

How to apply for and receive housing assistance has recently changed. Now, North Alameda County (Berkeley, Albany, and Emeryville) uses a Coordinated Entry System (CES), which is intended to make sure housing assistance is given to those most in need. The CES is managed by the North County Hub, which prioritizes requests and helps applicants access services.

How to apply for assistance

If you are currently, or might become, homeless:

  • Call 211 for a prescreening by The Hub. You will be transferred to other services depending on your current housing state. Everyone who is entered into CES will be provided with some service
  • If you prefer to contact The Hub in person, see here for when and where`
  • Applicants are prioritized based on need, and the services offer vary accordingly. Services include: Housing search assistance; Assistance with obtaining benefits; Temporary rental subsidy; Referrals and connections to other social services

Visit Berkeley's Homeless Entry homepage for more information about services, tips for prescreenings, and more.

Additional housing crisis response resources available at EveryOne Home

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